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 Wellbeing, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion. Purpose. 
Creating long-term impactful EDI strategies.   

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Professional Services

Gap Analysis - Where It Should Start

You can’t start until you know where to start. It’s as simple as that. Organizations often speculate about the source of engagement issues and often jump to solutions without a thorough understanding of the root cause. Implementing these band-aid solutions can exacerbate current issues rather than address the underlying turmoil.


A gap analysis is the critical first step in understanding the organization’s complete story. By looking at data, policies, programs, processes, and utilizing employee listening tactics to determine where the gaps lie, you can feel confident in knowing exactly where to start on the journey to creating a workplace that naturally promotes diversity, inclusion and belonging.  

EDI and Wellbeing Strategy Development

Without a strategy, actions and programs are simply tactics at risk of falling flat. If leaders and employees do not understand why EDI tactics are being implemented, they may be disappointed in the results or lack the motivation to engage in the steps necessary to reach success. Leaders and employees may simply see the actions as checkboxes rather than a sustainable plan. The development of an EDI Strategy with a clear vision, goals, and objectives is vital in the sustainability of building a culture of wellbeing and belonging. Let's move beyond lip service and create long-term, impactful EDI strategies.


For organizations that already have a strategy and simply require oversight and expertise, over-the-shoulder consulting may be beneficial.

Training and

Training is an important part of the journey to empower leaders and employees to cultivate a respectful, productive workplace where differences are celebrated and embraced. Our training and workshops provide a safe and welcoming space conducive to raising organizational awareness of inclusion and belonging and cultivate a space for everyone to celebrate their unique perspectives. Whether your organization is at the beginning of its EDI journey, or an already established foundation, there is always an opportunity to improve your workplace and we will develop a personalized program to meet your needs. And while customized training and workshops are important, it is important to know that it supports, not replaces, your EDI strategy. You can't train away the issues.

Sample training includes Understanding and Identifying Power and Privilege, Cultural Competency, Embedding Inclusion into Workplace Culture, and more.

Workplace Investigations

We offer impartial and unbiased workplace investigations to ascertain facts and secure accurate information from all parties.  Workplace investigations can identify biases and systemic issues, and work to resolve internal problems before they become widespread. The findings may help enhance current policies and practices, including your EDI strategy.  


Utilizing her coaching skills and investigation practices to invite participation, Nicole approaches workplace investigations with compassion, empathy and openness.  

Our Services

The Full Story

Why EDI?

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is often overlooked as a priority in organizations – primarily because some organizations do not know where to start or fail to recognize some of the root causes of an unproductive and/or unengaged workforce. Over the years, wellbeing strategies have gradually captured the spotlight within organizations and more recently, EDI has become a critical focus. There are more wellbeing programs and solutions than ever before, each more complex in response to organizations trying to determine what engages and motivates people. However, even with this additional focus, disengagement is at an all-time high and the wellbeing of equity-deserving groups is at an all-time low.


The solution lies in putting your EDI strategy at the forefront and ensuring EDI becomes the lens in which you view all program and policies. This then provides a strong foundation for all human capital programs and forms the fabric of organizational culture and belonging.

EDI has become increasingly ‘popular,’ to speak about, but many do not understand the importance of actually doing the hard work to create real change and to keep EDI relevant. This is where Nicole's work can help in empowering differences and elevating diverse employee experiences. 

About Nicole

Nicole Stibbe has spent over 25 years in the corporate space, developing corporate health, EDI, and wellbeing strategies. She is deeply committed to moving organizations toward a space of inclusion and belonging.  

Nicole works with organizations to make the necessary space to build holistic EDI and wellbeing strategies that identify and address the root issues that are oftentimes unidentified or ignored. Her purposeful strategies bring EDI to the forefront and keep it relevant. 

Through careful analysis of the existing state and exploration through challenging cultural and organizational norms, Nicole works to develop holistic EDI strategies and programs tailored to the unique needs of the organization that addresses the intersectionality of wellbeing and EDI. In this space, she develops initiatives that meet the diverse and often complex - but attainable - needs of all employees.

Nicole has worked with hundreds of clients to understand their workspaces, compassionately listen to their employees and elevate their voices, and develop impactful strategies. She has spent countless hours in EDI courses and research and is a Certified Life and Health Coach, Consultant, and Qualified Assessor of the Intercultural Development Inventory. Nicole is also a trained Workplace Investigator and is a Certified Diversity Executive (CDE) candidate. 

The Full Story
Nicole Stibbe, Soulwork Alliance - EDI Consultant and Workplace Investigator

The only thing is, people have to develop courage. It is most important of all the virtues. Because without courage, you can't practice any other virtues consistently.

Maya Angelou

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